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Discuss general Japanese interests.
Anime/manga, anime conventions/expos, jRock, jPop, fashions, trends, lifestyles, culture, movies, etc.

Rules are as follows:

Pictures are more than welcome, but if they are more than 400x400 pixels and/or if there are more than 3, they must go behind a cut. If there is nudity in the pictures, they must go behind a cut regaurdless. (Such as hentai material, or real life nudes.) With fair warning.
Icons are welcome as well, but the same rule applies.

Content with spoilers of any kind are to go behind a cut with the words "SPOLIER WARNING" somewhere in the post, such as subject, before or after the cut, or the actual cut text itself.

Online quizzes are ok, but put it behind a cut! No matter how many you post! And for those taking the test and posting the results, please do so by replying to the original post containing the quiz. In other words, do NOT post the same test over and over in the community in seperate posts! Clutter!

Personal posts stay in your personal journals if it has nothing to do with the subject content of this community.

Debates are ok, but when you cross that line into flamersville, you only get one warning. After that, you're outta here!

Advertising other LJ communities is welcome, but ONLY if it is related to the subject of this community. Any community advertisements not related to Japanese culture will be deleted.
As for posting links to Yahoo! groups, etc., its welcome - but again - only if it is related to the subject at hand.

NO ELITISTS! This generaly spawns flaming. And nobody cares if you can recite every line to ever anime ever created, not if you are coming across as an elitist about it anyhow. Leave your "holier-than-thou" attitude at the "join community" link.

When promoting the community, upload images to your own servers please. And respect the rules of whatever community you promote in!

...That would be about it.

This community was created and is watched over by dinyell.
Any questions, comments, concerns - please feel free to email me at the address listed above.

[Started on August 19th, 2003]


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